Introducing the Ford Kuga.

Ford KugaHow you use your car changes every day. The Ford Kuga is smart enough to do it all in style, whether it’s a weekday commute or a weekend away.

The smarter way to get there.

Ford KugaInspiring a sense of freedom and adventure, the Ford Kuga is powerful yet fuel efficient for the most rewarding drive. With a range of helpful technologies it keeps you connected and in control, taking any change in the road, or your plans, effortlessly in its stride.


The technology in the Ford Kuga isn’t solely about a better driving experience. It’s also about making every day more effortless and enjoyable.

Hands-free power tailgate^

Ford Kuga hands-free power tailgateOnly the Ford Kuga* gives you a tailgate that opens (and closes) with a kick of your foot under the bumper. Because chances are, if you’re putting things in the back, you’ve probably got your hands full.

^Standard on Titanium and available as an option on Trend model only. *SUV category exclusive feature.

Effortless driving.

Ford KugaIt all starts with the push of the Power button. You can then look forward to an effortless adventure, with the kind of technology you’ll never want to be without.

Ford SYNC™ 2 Infotainment Systemβ.

Just say the word. SYNC™ 2 does the rest. Use simple voice commands to make calls, play music, adjust the climate control, use satellite navigation, and even have text messages read aloud.* SYNC™ 2ß is accompanied by an 8-inch colour touchscreen, USB ports and Bluetooth®# connectivity.

Navigate your way with your voice.

Let your sense of adventure guide you, and not a lack of directions. Voice controlled SatNav, part of SYNC™ 2,ß lets you tell the Ford Kuga where you want to go. No need to stop and manually enter your destination. Even when you don't know where you want to go, SYNC™ 2 can help.
Just say “I'm hungry” and see what happens.

Reverse camera.

We've got your back. The rear view camera turns on automatically when you put your Ford Kuga into reverse, allowing you to see objects behind you, while the beep of the rear parking sensors tells you how close you are.

Adaptive Cruise Control~^.

Cruise Control is great on the open road. But, even here, you can find traffic. So instead of having to turn Cruise Control on and off, the Adaptive Cruise Control adapts. If it senses traffic is slowing, it slows. When the traffic clears, it goes back to your pre-set speed.

Active Park Assist.

First it helps you find a parking spot that’s just the right fit. Then it virtually parallel parks itself. How? Simply push a button, put the Ford Kuga into gear, take your hands off the wheel and let it perfectly steer itself into your parking space, while you work the accelerator and brakes.

*Warning: Local laws prohibit some or all of the text messaging functions while driving. Check your local road rules before using these functions. #Bluetooth® is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG Inc. and is used under licence. †Titanium model only. ~Part of an Optional Technology Pack on Trend and Titanium models. ^Adaptive Cruise Control with Collision Warning is a driver-assistance feature which is supplemental and does not replace the driver’s judgement. Function may not operate in some driving and road conditions or adverse weather. §Uses sensors. Active City Stop may help avoid or minimise impact of a collision between speeds of 3.6km/h and 30km/h. It is not a substitute for driver alertness. Function may not operate in some driving and road conditions or adverse weather. βSYNC™ 2 standard on Trend and Titanium models. SYNC™ 2 will be standard on Ambiente commencing February 2016 production. For SYNC™ phone and media player compatibility please visit Please refer to Owners manual for full detailers regarding system availability and limitations.


Life can present unexpected surprises at any time. That’s why the Ford Kuga is designed for maximum flexibility. It effortlessly adapts to how you drive, what you’re carrying, and whatever road conditions you’ll encounter on the way.

Ready for anything.

Ford KugaMake the most of the terrain around you. The Ford Kuga’s intelligent All-Wheel-Drive and streamlined power and efficiency helps you tackle whatever your day serves up to you, with confidence.

Intelligent All-Wheel-Drive.

This isn’t just any AWD. Every 16 milliseconds the Ford Kuga adjusts the torque of each wheel, so your traction and cornering is always spot-on – whatever the weather and road conditions. But this isn’t the only technology working to keep you effortlessly connected to the road. Torque Vectoring Control automatically transfers torque to the front wheels with the most grip. The front end hugs the inside of every bend for superb handling, virtually eliminating under-steering.

Working the space.

Ford KugaYou know the saying ‘a place for everything, and everything in its place?’ That’s the philosophy behind the Ford Kuga’s cabin design, with plenty of clever storage to make under-seat clutter a thing of the past.


The Ford Kuga offers petrol and diesel engine options with smart fuel-saving technologies, delivering impressive fuel-efficiency without compromising power.

Less fuel. More drive.

The less often you need to visit the fuel pump, the better. That’s why the Ford Kuga is designed with fuel-saving technology to help reduce your cost of ownership, all without the slightest compromise in style and performance.

Power and fuel efficiency, without compromise.

EcoBoost EngineEcoBoost engine technology turns traditional petrol engine thinking on its head, using an advanced combination of direct injection and turbocharging. With the Ford Kuga’s 1.6L GTDi EcoBoost petrol engine, delivering 134kW# of power with fuel efficiency of 7.7L/100km,§ it gives you the best of both worlds.

§Figures obtained from controlled tests using ADR 81/02. Actual fuel consumption and emissions will depend on many factors including driving habits, prevailing conditions and your vehicle’s equipment, condition and use.


The Ford Kuga incorporates some of the most advanced safety features available. Not only to help protect you, but to help prevent the need for protection in the first place.


Hill start assist | Ford How-To Video

Published: 19/12/2013

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