Air Conditioner Sanitisation SpecialAir Conditioner Sanitisation Special

Your air-conditioning system collects bacteria and mould over time, whether you use it or not. It is important to spring clean your air conditioning system annually to ensure that you are breathing clean, fresh, healthy air.

Destroy mould and bacteria growth in the A/C system, eliminate allergic reactions caused by an unsanitary A/C system, eliminate unpleasant odours from the ventilation system.

The exclusive Air Conditioner Sanitisation cleaning process helps restore and refresh your car's Air Conditioning and ventilation system by dissolving road grime, dirt, bugs and irritating contaminants that collect in the evaporator.

The result is cleaner air, increased airflow and volume, improved cooling and heating efficiency and less stress on the blower system. Interior passenger comfort and health are enhanced considerably.

Special Price: $129.00 (normally $146.00).

Contact Jarvis Service Service and Tyres today on 1300 13 77 44 or Book Online.

Free Brake InspectionFree Brake Inspection

Allow Jarvis Ford to inspect your vehicles brakes - FREE.

Jarvis Ford Norwood and Hillcrest will perform a visual inspection and report on the condition of your vehicles disc brake pads and rotors (front and rear) and brake fluid levels, all while you wait.

Bookings are essential so contact Jarvis Service Service and Tyres today on 1300 13 77 44 or Book Online.

Jarvis is a people driven company, focused on providing an environment which creates loyal, satisfied customers and staff.

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